Tuesday, 21 June 2011

“The Strength to Make a Change”

Do you believe that you have the power to make a change? Do you believe that there is nothing you cannot do? As I am writing this article, I’m starting to think I could not write a good piece anyway so why bother, if I choose not to write anything at all then it’s my choice, nobody could stop me from doing that. But then I realized that I am doing this because I’m on a mission to make a change and going back to negativity would never do me good. A thought pop up into my mind, the first step to get closer to what you wanted is to believe in yourself. It is like if you believe that you are writing a cheap article then what you have written is indeed a cheap one but when you believe that you are writing an article that has a good quality then it is of a good quality. It is just a matter of being positive and believing in your own ability. If you keep on saying that you wanted to make a change but then it lacks action then you are only fooling yourself, you must have self discipline and determination to attain what you wanted. You must have the courage to prove yourself in any way.
When I was about to graduate from high school we had a recollection, my classmates and I were asked to pick anything that completely describe our character…I picked a fresh flower and explained that just like the flower I would only bloom once therefore I must bloom into a beautiful flower for I would only be given one opportunity to prove myself. As I recall this moment in my life, I realized that we are here not just to exist but to live and experience a fulfilled life.
This article is about keeping the strength to make a change. I have once read a phrase, “There is no limitation on what you can do except for the limitation of your own mind.” This phrase simply means that we are the one who controls our mind, our idea; anything that we believe into defines who we are and what we are.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

“Women Empowerment: A Challenge Women Must Face”

When you hear the phrase “women empowerment” what are the first things that comes to your mind? I believe that most of us have a broad idea about what women empowerment is. Some would probably say that it is the state of being empowered, the process of being empowered and some would even say that it is the most impossible thing to achieve but then isn’t it that there had been already several courageous women who have risks themselves and exerted much effort just to fight for what they deserve. Let’s not put these efforts into waste rather view it as one of the most significant thing we ever had as women. It is actually not on how we can thank them personally for being the first ones to prove the worth of women but it is the courage to follow their step in attaining the change that the women deserves. The challenge is, are you willing to stand your ground and fight for what you believe you rightfully deserve. Don’t get this wrong, what I am up to is just to make women understand that life isn’t that bad at all if you know what you want and you are willing to have it then you’ll work for it. 


Fortunately the women of the new generation were now able to feel the freedom that their ancestor worked hard for. They are now more capable of expressing themselves without being bothered by the constraint of the society they belong to. However this fact should not be taken for granted it must be maintained by other women, and that they must also prove that they deserve the freedom that was handed to them.                         

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Why I Chose to Pursue A More Positive Life

At first I find it hard to understand what to do with my life I have been asking for signs to make me understand what is my mission but then I could not figure out what is the real meaning of the signs that were given to me. Sometimes I would think that maybe I am not that good enough and that I don’t have all the good qualities in the world that is why I am not given a break. I wonder if I’m the only one who’s left behind, if I’m the only one suffering from ignorance from not knowing anything at all. I understand that it is not that healthy to keep yourself covered and not exploring the world outside of your comfort zone. Another problem about me is that I don’t trust myself and that I would always be the first one to discourage myself from doing stuff that I could benefit from. I would always be the first one to underestimate my capability. But right now I want to make a change and get over from this, start a more positive life; I can’t stand living for another year with the most negative mind on earth which drags me into a miserable life. 


Change could never be achieved overnight; it’s a long process and that to realize the change that you wanted there are a lot of stuff that must be considered. First, you must believe that you can be what you wanted to be, second be determined on your mission to change your life, no matter how much you like to change if you’re not doing any effort to have that change then it’ll just be a waste of time. Third, keep in your mind that you can do it no matter what even if the whole world fall on you you’ll do it. Right now even though I’m crawling like a snail just to work on the activity that we are given I won’t give up even if I appear as a moron there’s no way I would ever give up. I can see myself as a successful human being five years from now. And I do believe that it will happen because I am doing all my best shots right now. I had always been admired for providing my friends with good advice on their career, love life and personal life and I think it’s time for me to have a dose of good advice this time. Right now my mission is to stick on my mission, that way I would never get lost. I am already starting to work on the mission that I am into, I may not possess all right now but I know it’ll get better in time and by that time I’ll have the guts to say that I did my best in order to achieve my goals. I have this huge question in my head before “Why is it that I am not given a chance to fix my life” and right now I have already found the answer in fact the answer had always been there it is just that I could not recognize it, fortunately I have found new hope to start my life positively.

Once the door closed don't lose hope because there are still windows that will open to offer a fresh start, when you lost the first chance, you will still be given another chance just make sure not to let it slip away again, you must be more careful with it and more committed. As of now I choose to pursue a more positive lifestyle starting with a positive mind set and point of view, I believe that through this everything will eventually fall into place.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

To be employed in a job where in I can exhibit my ability and interest is my goal as of now. The following are the positive qualities I possess I am time conscious, flexible,responsible and hardworking and follow instruction well. I am also enthusiastic, I have the passion for learning, I have a good interpersonal and organizational skill, I believe that my strong qualities makes me a competitive applicant.