Tuesday, 21 June 2011

“The Strength to Make a Change”

Do you believe that you have the power to make a change? Do you believe that there is nothing you cannot do? As I am writing this article, I’m starting to think I could not write a good piece anyway so why bother, if I choose not to write anything at all then it’s my choice, nobody could stop me from doing that. But then I realized that I am doing this because I’m on a mission to make a change and going back to negativity would never do me good. A thought pop up into my mind, the first step to get closer to what you wanted is to believe in yourself. It is like if you believe that you are writing a cheap article then what you have written is indeed a cheap one but when you believe that you are writing an article that has a good quality then it is of a good quality. It is just a matter of being positive and believing in your own ability. If you keep on saying that you wanted to make a change but then it lacks action then you are only fooling yourself, you must have self discipline and determination to attain what you wanted. You must have the courage to prove yourself in any way.
When I was about to graduate from high school we had a recollection, my classmates and I were asked to pick anything that completely describe our character…I picked a fresh flower and explained that just like the flower I would only bloom once therefore I must bloom into a beautiful flower for I would only be given one opportunity to prove myself. As I recall this moment in my life, I realized that we are here not just to exist but to live and experience a fulfilled life.
This article is about keeping the strength to make a change. I have once read a phrase, “There is no limitation on what you can do except for the limitation of your own mind.” This phrase simply means that we are the one who controls our mind, our idea; anything that we believe into defines who we are and what we are.

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